It makes us different


The general objective of our Educational Project is: “To achieve a meaningful and multisensory learning, since the child learns with the whole body. We start from their own interests and use a collaborative methodology, research, and as a starting point always a direct experience that awakens interest and emotions. In Moonlighting Bilingual Infant School we emphasize Emotional Education and we work this aspect as the main axis in each learning. Through emotional education in children we help them to achieve success in their day to day and the key to the good of themselves and the environment in which they live.

Language immersion with bilingual teachers in Spanish and English. Learning different languages gives the brain the flexibility to make different mental schemes, facilitating other later learning. In addition, we know that stimulating the baby with different sounds and language schemes enriches and prepares for later learning and understanding of other logical and mathematical concepts _including music_ as well as tolerance to different cultures and points of view. In our nursery school we know from our own experience that the coexistence of different nationalities and cultures brings a richness that more than compensates for the possible friction. We offer children and their parents the opportunity to learn about different customs, languages and societies. We also facilitate the integration of parents and children of other nationalities.

The expression and healthy management of emotions is widely used in school. We apply an emotional intelligence program using stories, role plays, theater, active listening and mindfulness. With these techniques, we help our children to be aware of themselves and their emotions and therefore to live more calmly and fully all their affective and relational world. Psychomotricity is based on the very important relationship that exists in the human being (but especially in the child and the baby) between movement and development. In our center, time will be devoted daily to this activity. Dedicating time to each child.

Daily information through the school agenda; weekly informative emails, quarterly evaluations, open tutorials. Acclimatization stage with parents in the classrooms. We are not a common nursery school or ‘we park children’. We want to take into account the individuality of children, developing their potential to the fullest, covering their basic and not-so-basic needs … without forgetting the needs of parents. Current life demands a great capacity for organization and creates a great amount of stress. We want parents to be able to entrust their children with peace of mind, without adding another concern to a list that in itself is already very long.

A space for children to enjoy and develop their creativity, playing and inventing with all kinds of plastic materials: finger paint, paper pulp, paint, texture. As far as possible we look for noble materials: stone, sand, wood to be the protagonists of their toys. We apply an education based on the senses and this is transmitted through these materials and stimulation with didactic toys.