It makes us different


The general objective of our Educational Project is: “To achieve a meaningful and multisensory learning, since the child learns with the whole body. We start from their own interests and use a collaborative methodology, research, and as a starting point always a direct experience that awakens interest and emotions. In Moonlighting Bilingual Infant School we emphasize Emotional Education and we work this aspect as the main axis in each learning. Through emotional education in children we help them to achieve success in their day to day and the key to the good of themselves and the environment in which they live.

Language immersion with bilingual teachers in Spanish and English. Learning different languages gives the brain the flexibility to make different mental schemes, facilitating other later learning. In addition, we know that stimulating the baby with different sounds and language schemes enriches and prepares for later learning and understanding of other logical and mathematical concepts _including music_ as well as tolerance to different cultures and points of view. In our nursery school we know from